Bible study and fellowship.
Every Monday night at 6:00 pm

Ladies Night
1st Thursday at 6:00 pm

Men’s Meeting.
3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm

Woman’s Craft Night
3rd Friday at 7:00 pm

What is a LightGroup?

A LightGroup is a small group that gathers during the week for fellowship or Bible study. Two hours on a Sunday morning isn’t enough, we need to spend more time together to help each other get through the week. A small group gives us a more personal   environment to meet, develop friendships, to encourage each other or to dig deeper into the Word of God.

Groups are sometimes designed for a particular age group, gender or other demographic to meet specific needs. These groups are not intended to be “cliques”, but to be a group of people with similar interests or similar issues that can relate to each other in a more personal way.

Groups can be held weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. They can be held at the church, in a home, or at a coffee shop or restaurant. It could be a single parent group, a women’s Bible study tea, a weekly basketball game, or an all ages group that meets to review Sunday’s sermon. The possibilities are endless.

We are always looking for new ideas and people that are willing to start a new group. And, of course, our existing groups are always looking to welcome a new face.